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Thursday, March 13, 2003


We are in the process of The Big Move.

If you don't hear from me for a few weeks, never fear.

I'm either:

A) ... rotting in a jail cell for strangling DG and beating his head in with a spork while hoping someone will post bail before my new roomie decides to make me her new bitch.

B) ... still trying to figure out where to hide the body.

C) ... or sitting on a beach in Brazil sipping fruity alcoholic beverages and being fanned by a very muscular mostly-nekkid cabana boy named Raul whose only English phrase is "How may I serve you?"

If C) turns out to be the case, please. Don't send help.

(PS: Ann, got a big bag of clothes for you to go through.)

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Not dead yet

We have ... a house.

I'm still in a bit of shock here. We start moving in on the 14th or so. Of March. Like, this month. Move. To a house.

It's gorgeous. Everything we've really wanted. 3 bedrooms, 2 car garage, huge backyard. Stepford wife soccer mom SUV and minivan territory.

I'm nervous.

Finished up the last artwork for BTRC's "NeoTerra" module. "The Colonies" has been out for a while and is available at among other sites. Professional illustrator. This concept still blows my mind almost as much as the idea of finally moving into a real house.

I'll get some of the pics up from NeoTerra and other new work in a little while.

Got my new laptop at last. Jeeze, that didn't take long, did it? (ooo, sarcasm, just another service we offer) She's definitely more of a workhorse than Nemesis, but she's not as multimedia friendly. The sound on Nem was just fabulous. This is the standard laptop tinny, but otherwise she blows Nem away. Mobile P4 2.2, 40 GB drive, DVD/CD-R, 768MB of RAM (which Painter chokes on, whee), the happy ATI Radeon card that I demanded ... Still, I'm keeping the enthusiasm down. My faith in this company is shot.

Still recovering from my fall. Shoulder still tweaks out, still having headache problems and the occular migraines are back.

I'm now cutting TWO wisdom teeth. 34 years old, and I'm cutting teeth. Houston, we have a problem. And they HURT. There isn't room for one of them, and it's coming in crooked and right now with the move, we just can't afford to take me in to cut the damn things out of my mouth. Oral surgery is a serious risk for me anyway with the RSD, and the bad tooth just happens to be on the side of my head that's affected. Yay me. Not.

Still doing the monthly ear infection thing. I'm *real* tired of Cipro drops and Auralgan. Since it's "surfer's ear" (the ugly brother of swimmer's ear), there's a lot of permanent damage inside my ear, which unfortunately tends to leave some nerve endings exposed. Put in drops, scream as they hit nerves, and pray it goes away faster than usual.

The cats are nuts as usual. Certifiably insane, ie, normal cats. They're going to love the new house, tons of mad dashing space and a large tile floor in the kitchen for maximum skidding power. I wonder how long it will take Zamboni the escape artist to get locked in the garage by accident.

The Things are anxious about the house. Finally, a bedroom each. About bloody time, because I think they're going to kill each other if we stay here much longer.

Thing 2 has been doing the ear infection thing, too. Bad high fevers, the barfing which she always does with fever. Missed way too much school. The doc keeps saying that her tonsils don't look bad, so I am at a total loss for how to figure out what is wrong with this kid. We've done the unknown fever thing before, complete with spinal tap and other hell. I'm hoping the new house helps. Maybe we have a hidden black mold problem in this damn apartment. It would explain a lot.

Uh. Did I miss anything?