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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Vengeance is MINE, sayeth the Things

White as far as the eyes can see out my front door. It's not just snow, it's sleet, too. And lots of it. And it's freakin COLD out there. 27*.

School is, of course, closed. The Things were positively SMUG about the whole thing.

I guess it explains why I was in so much pain that I still haven't been to bed yet. Though at least I've been productive. I've got a canvas prepped, the rim spackled for texture and the first coat of colour on it, and some of the collage elements figured out.

Edit: Got the collage piece done, if only I could figure out how to get pics from my cell phone to my email ... oy. Decoupage is my friend. I'd forgotten the smell of Mod Podge, brings back a whole lot of memories.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Lighter cover -- tubular peyote

This was a fun project. I picked up a great coffee table book called "Gold of the Pharaohs", and it had some wonderful examples of Egyptian beadwork in it.

I picked out a few colours that were close, and just started beading.

Tubular peyote, no pattern, Delica beads. I just winged it as I went, loosely basing it off the bracelets of Queen Ahhotep. The middle section has the hieroglyph "Nefer", meaning beauty.

The colours are off in the photo, the gold is very antiqued-looking, and the red and turquoise aren't quite so bright.

Dragonfly (in progress)

When completed (I've already got the ultrasuede cut for the backing), this will be the centerpiece on a collar.

Ignore the cat hair visible in the work. My boys "help" me when I work, including trying to eat the thread. They feel a piece isn't complete until they shed on it.

The antennae will be twisted wire and beads.
Combination of 15/0, Delicas, 11/0 hex, #1 and #2 bugles.

I've got some lovely AB matte Magatamas to go around the outside.

Closeup of a wing:

Yes, I know some of the beads aren't flat, the piece puckered a bit as I worked, but it's not finished and I'll go back and ensure that everything is down right and secure before adding it to the suede backing.