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Monday, January 08, 2007

Dragonfly (in progress)

When completed (I've already got the ultrasuede cut for the backing), this will be the centerpiece on a collar.

Ignore the cat hair visible in the work. My boys "help" me when I work, including trying to eat the thread. They feel a piece isn't complete until they shed on it.

The antennae will be twisted wire and beads.
Combination of 15/0, Delicas, 11/0 hex, #1 and #2 bugles.

I've got some lovely AB matte Magatamas to go around the outside.

Closeup of a wing:

Yes, I know some of the beads aren't flat, the piece puckered a bit as I worked, but it's not finished and I'll go back and ensure that everything is down right and secure before adding it to the suede backing.

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