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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

T.G.I.Forget it

Have any of you had even a remotely decent experience at a TGIFriday's?

We went to our local one for the first time around 3 years ago. To say it was a disaster is putting it mildly. The food was cold, incorrectly cooked, service took forever, and the food tasted flat out bad, even after numerous attempts to get it fixed.

Fast forward 3 years, and a little back in time from today since I'm only now bright enough to remember to complain and ask.

What the hell, we'll try it again.

In three years, it not only had not improved, it had gotten substantially worse. Keep in mind that the place is in a highly strategic position on the highway in a long strip of other restaraunts. They definitely aren't out of the way or difficult to access.

The place was mostly empty, maybe 10 others in the entire restaraunt.

At least two of the napkins on our table had been drawn on by previous customers. Two of the plates in the stack had debris and food particles on them, including a broken toothpick -- not just residue from the washer, but things flat out left in place by the bus staff.

It took forever to get seated. In an empty store. Trying to find an empty table among all of them was more than the hostess could handle.

Thing 2 had a larger serving of food in her kids meal than I did in an adult dinner.

And of course the amazing vanishing waitress. God knows she wasn't actually too busy, she just didn't care. Empty drinks, dirty plates, used napkins ...

I'll call it strikes two and three, man. Game over.

Is this standard for the chain, or did we just get lucky?

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