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Thursday, April 24, 2003

The Waiting Game

48 hours ago, I was willing to write off my attempt to grow cactus from seed as an interesting but failed experiment.

Today, I have one about half an inch high (mixed seed pack, Ali, so I've no idea what they are yet), and four more trying to poke through the soil.

24 hours ago, I was ready to write off my attempts to grow Black-eyed Susans from seed.

Today, I have two tiny shoots, with several more that have yet to unfurl their leaves.

It's all a matter of time. A waiting game of patience that I'm still working on returning to. It's always the waiting that gets to me.

My two smaller Patio tomatoes have surprised me. I have blooms that haven't opened yet. The Husky has another series of blooms, and the one tomato that was there has more than doubled.

The zucchini that was yellowing under the influence of three days of rain ... have the promise of shoots and blooms on every one of them.

I have ... a blackberry bloom! And there was much rejoicing. Yay.

The pumpkins are loving the transplant and have doubled in size. Yellow squash is still a bit puny, but it was the slowest performer of the seeds anyway. Okra and radishes all looking good.

Separated some of the veggie sprouts still in peat pots. Ran out of tilled room for them. I've got another 4 pumpkins and another 3 blackeye peas with no place to put them. Gotta figure something out.

I had to move the brandy snifter sunflower out to the yard. Thing went wild inside and had already outgrown the snifter. Transplanted, and another shoot brought inside to go wild.

I've got to thin zinnias tomorrow, and I'm dreading it. I need potting soil so I can try to save some of them. The Things zinnias have gotten their first true leaves.

Eldest child and I got most of them mulched today. Three days of rain, and full hard sun today, and the soil is already cracking around them. At least the mulch holds in enough moisture to try to counteract the evil Texas sun.

Got a package of Alyssum seeds from Clarinex as an allergy promotional bit. Thought that was damned clever of them. I love the Carpet of Snow, I just have to figure out if I have any bedding space for them once we get the zinnias all straightened out.

Mosquitos. ARGH. Got chomped a few too many times. That will teach me to go outside without the OFF sunscreen/bug repellent combo. Ugh, I itch.

Not too shabby of a day after having a couple of biopsies done.

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