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Monday, June 27, 2005

Random Babble-0-tron

Thing 2 survived her tonsilectomy, the surgeon removing "extremely inflamed and enlarged tonsils", plus her adenoids. Her voice has changed, deeper, it's cute. Surprised at just how well this kid is doing. She was talking the same day, with only a little scratchiness. Next day she was playing as hard as ever. Only had to take the prescription pain meds three times, and only once was a crying session for pain. She's been sticking with regular ole kids Motrin since then, and doesn't need it often at all. Either she's amazingly resilient beyond what we already knew, or the procedure has come DAMN far in the last few years.

Finally saw "Batman Begins". There is approval, even if I missed half the movie because of Thing 2 babbling at me and squirming around. She loses points, she was bored. Oddly enough, I'm still unsure about Bale in the cowl, though he pulled all of it off well. A few minor "Huh?" episodes, but pleased for the most part. The script was highly refreshing after Revenge of the Sith, lemme tell ya, caught the appropriate dark humour of the comic well. No overdone CGI, the acting was solid enough, no camp, no Bat-nipples.

I'd been looking forward to "Land of the Dead," but now I'm unsure if it's going to be worth it. REALLY looking forward to "Undead" hitting the country, though. That has some serious promise. Read up on that one, and I wish it would hurry and hit the states. Grr.

Preview for "Sky High" looked utterly hysterical. Live action version of "The Incredibles", mixed with "PS 238." Probably going to have to see "Fantastic Four" as well, despite misgivings on that one.

Blackberry season is over, with two baggies full in the fridge awaiting a cobbler. Next year's harvest should be amazing. Black-eyed susans growing randomly wild in the yard are doing quite well. Bloody HOT, and the water situation is critical. August is going to be Hell at this rate.

Amusement -- hearing Thing 1 plunking out Rossini's "Overture from The Barber of Seville" on the keyboard earlier.

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