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Friday, June 16, 2006

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Well ... no surgery for now. The Chiari hasn't changed in size, thus, no surgery. Okay, fine.

It gets better.

C4-C5 disc is ... uncooperative. Bulging, was the word used. Cervical Spinal Stenosis, for accuracy. "Avoid car wrecks and whiplash and you should be fine." Hah.

(Teri's comment was "...and you told them to avoid attempts at humor?")

There are lesions on my brain. I have RSD, which is degerative. I have a cervical disc hating on me. I have Chiari --- AND YET MY @#$#*& NEUROLOGIST CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHY I HAVE HAD A HEADACHE FOR 300 DAYS!

(Teri's addition: "Because your neurologist has never had a headache? and is a borderine moron?" I love her.)

He tells me it's just migraines -- cept, migraine drugs don't help. He tells me the Chiari isn't bad enough for all the symptoms -- cept, every Chiari patient and everyone on my Chiari list says that at ANY point it's enough to SHOW on an MRI, it's enough to be a problem.

Though his confusion boggles me after looking at the patient receipt with the ICD-9 codes and diagnoses on it. Compression of the brain. Cervical Spinal Stenosis. RSD. And yet he's confused. Uh huh.

Today, he decided to go for a dual attack -- an anti-depressant that also is used to treat headaches and neurological pain, particularly the peripheral neuropathy I have -bad-. And you know what?


"Okay. I'm lost, I'm angry ... and I'm armed."

Yeah, I took the drugs.

I wonder what my GP has for rising homicidal mania.

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