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Monday, February 12, 2007

Pierced "Freaks" only ... heh

Just out of curiosity -- anyone else out there with a nose piercing interested in custom surgical steel nostril screws with a pure silver design?

I am, of course, going to do a dragonfly for myself, and probably something else I haven't quite figured out yet. (Hell, maybe a crayon!)

I think I've found a pretty good site for ordering the surgical steel posts, but I was wondering, since shipping wouldn't increase if I added a few more (but would if I ordered more a second time), if anyone else was interested.

I DO have sterling silver flat ear posts that are about as long as the 'curve it yourself' nose screws I currently have, though one pair is already dedicated to Thing 1's silver strawberry studs, and I'm going to attempt a first one with these and see how it works out.

I -will- admit now that they won't be particularly cheap, just due to the silver costs for the PMC to do the design, but they won't be ridiculous, either. I'm guesstimating around 20-25 each.

Anyone interested?

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