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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth and Felted Grapevine Cuff

First off, if you haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth yet, what in the HELL are you people waiting for? It's definitely an 'adult' faerie tale, and although my 10 year-old really enjoyed it, it certainly isn't for all kids, so parents beware. While it isn't particularly scary, it is a bit graphic on the violence in places, and some of the themes (all right, MOST of them) are pretty dark, but it is utterly amazing. The 3 Oscars it earned were much deserved.

Faerie fans, it's a Must See, preferably in a theater to get the full visuals. It's a beautiful film.

Two Pooka Thumbs Up.

Next, the obligatory Quality Control Inspector visual:

Don't ask about the camo yoga pants. Shut up, they're comfortable.

The newest felted bracelet:

This is about the second stage or so, after the base has been wet felted. The grapes are needle felted onto the base.

Then, I wet felted up a sheet for the leaves, cut them out, needle felted them on, and added in some wool yarn for the twining vines.

Last step was the velcro closure.

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