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Friday, April 13, 2007

Ah, Spring in Tornado Alley

I can't believe how fast I got both kids and all four cats into the safety of the laundry room when the sirens started going off.

Weather is NASTY tonight in N TX.

No idea yet just how many tornadoes touched down, but it's several. Haltom City got totally hammered. Lots of damn good funnel cloud and tornado images from storm spotters, now they just have to figure out how many there really were.

Luckily, other than some heavy wind, heavier rain, and golf-ball hail, things weren't TOO bad here (they think the hail set off the sirens). Reports of up to baseball hail at the airport, about 5 miles from us. Fox 4 News went totally off the air for about an hour -- apparently their broadcast tower got hit by lightning.

However, there's another cell forming behind the first wave, and heading our way, so we're not entirely out of the woods yet tonight. Maybe 10-15 before it hits us. Whee.

Spring, in North Texas. Are we having fun yet?

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