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Saturday, September 16, 2000

Ride of the Raging WTF?

I got an interesting email today from someone that had stumbled over one of my websites. The article in question was written MANY years ago, in response to some roleplaying partners wanting some background on one of my characters. While full of lots of fact, there was a great deal of opinion thrown in as to how that character became what she was, etc. It was, in fact, part of that characters website.

It was so long ago, that really, I'd forgotten all about it.

Till today. I thought I'd share this letter with you, since it tickled me to pieces.


""Ride the Raging Host" was in-formative, but it wasn't as objective as it needed to be. For instance, your personal vendettas with Christianity was of little value to my paper. I enjoyed your writing very much, but please, for the sake of college student every-where, strive to remain OBJECTIVE next time. Opinions should not be presented as factual content.


Defender of the Faith


Whoa. Um, college students are using my paper on the Wild Hunt for reference material?? Cool. As the paper was never meant to be objective, I kept giggling when I read it. I want to apologize to him, simply because of that inherent guilt complex thing I have ... but how do you explain the origins of that paper to him without making him feel like an idiot?

What's more ... how in God's name did a college student find that paper to use for reference? *I* don't even know where it is anymore.

Wild, man.

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