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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Got Sun?

... flowers, that is.

A dwarf type of sunflower with darker orange petals, rusty-chocolate eyes, and a repeat bloomer up and down the stalks, as you can see.

My butterfly bush seems to be loving the weather. It's absolutely covered with tiny purple flowers in those big clusters, and smells yummy!

As you can see, my Maid of Orleans jasmine not only survived the winter, but is now happily blooming and making wonderful jasmine smells on that side of the yard.


Karen said...

Love the flower pictures! After seeing what my accidental sunflowers look like, I'm going to grow more (free) sunflowers next year by leaving some of the "sprouts" in the ground instead of treating them as weeds to be eliminated.

Pooka said...

I absolutely love sunflowers, and the varieties available make them really worthwhile. The dwarf versions are great, and don't take up tons of space, while the monsters, when properly staked, are perfect for use as stakes for other vining plants.