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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Public Service Announcement

If you live in Texas, especially N. Texas, do NOT go outside onto concrete today without your shoes on.

You guys know I hate wearing shoes. I'd rather be barefoot. Do most of my gardening that way.

In the short time it took for me to harvest the cayennes ... I have FIRST DEGREE BURNS on the bottoms of my feet. Yes, I knew it was hurting at the time, but there wasn't that much to do, so I toughed it out. I have very tough feet and a massively high level of pain tolerance down there (unless it's cold they're touching), so I figured it would be all right. Bad call.

20 minutes later, my feet are still scarlet, a little puffy, and HURT. BAD. DG asked me to go look at something, and I almost shrieked when my feet hit the floor. I 'ow ow ow'd most of the way anyway. When you consider that I'm usually not very vocal about pain, that should say a lot.

I *burned* my feet.


Update: I *seriously* burned my feet. They are amazingly swollen, hotter'n'hell, creasing up through the scarlet -- they look BAD. If they haven't improved by tomorrow, it's a doctor trip. Oh yes, and blistering nicely.

Yeah. *That* bad. For me to willingly go to the doctor, who I haven't seen since last September ... Yeah.

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