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Friday, December 17, 2004

Oh, look, something like an update that doesn't involve me ranting. :D

Lost more weight. Not sure on poundage, but I'm definitely down to a 16 now. 18s are way too loose and baggy, and some 16s are even a little loose. If it's one of the W 16s, I've definitely got some extra room in them. Unfortunately, most of the 16 pants that I have are capris, or rather on the dressy side. Right,18s it is for now.

Need new bras, desperately. The band is so big now that I might as well not bother wearing one at all. NO, that is NOT an option for me. The girls need a sturdy boulder holder, thank you.

I'd made a decision that when I got the weight off, I was going back to the short bob in this icon. I did that today. Need to go back and lose another inch or two, but DG was protesting at the time, having gotten used to long hair on me again. Still going to fix it, though. And oh MAN, it feels GOOD to have my hair off. Looks so much better with it short, my hair is so fine and thin and straight that this actually gives it some lift.

AND losing the long straight hair makes me look a few years younger and like I lost even more weight. BONUS!

The Daddygod has introduced me to the fun of boy-cut underwear. Discovered today that I didn't even have the dreaded Palm Tree Underpants lurking in my undie drawer right before I took my shower. ACK. Well, the problem is, most of my underwear doesn't fit me anymore anyway (Yes, the Pooka desperately needs a shopping trip for clothing, especially essentials), and what did fit needs a washing.

So, DG, being the generous soul that he is (coughbullshitcough, he usually just goes commando these days and hasn't worn his man-panties in eons -- and I'm going to catch so much shit for man-panties but I don't CARE!), had me dig through his clean clothes basket and find a pair of his. Hmm. Well, they're damned comfortable. Not bad.

Boy-cuts are taking some adjusting, though I expect the female version of the boy-cut undies will be better. Now see, normally I'm a high-thigh cut bikini girl. No extra cloth anywhere, hips free. It's not the hips that are taking some adjusting, it's having all the extra undie material between the thighs that's feeling a little weird, but I know the female versions are cut a little different. I may just be a convert once I try them, and they're surprisingly CUTE on.

Insurance finally caved and decided I did indeed need Nexium (prevacid no longer worked right and I'd been on it for years, and tried everything else), and Mobic (Vioxx recalled, Celebrex and Bextra were both sulfa based and I was seriously allergic and besides they're going to recall them, too).

Feel a bit like a heathen here. My current favourite scent isn't a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab mix, it's one that Nikki custom blended for me. It's a very Pooka smell, rather like spiced chocolate. Rich cocoa base, but not too sweet, a yummy dark bittersweet chocolate scent, with whispers of amber and sandalwood and something else I can't entirely pick out. Smells so good it makes ME want to do naughty things to myself.

Mope. Gotta road trip to Houston this weekend to do the family Christmas. Grandparents are reaching the point where any year might be our last together, so I have to endure the monster. Hoping to catch up with the Klash while we're down there, if she can take a break from packing shipping boxes to get soap out. :D With any luck, my monster will drive us crazy enough that it'll be a 48 hour trip.

So, SORCHA WENCH! Yoohoo, Sorcha -- aim for late Tuesday, maybe? Make sure we have your phone number before we go so we can give you a call and let you know if we're leaving late Monday or Tuesday morning to come home, if you're still planning on coming down and giving me my bestest gift of all -- a wench for X-Mas!

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