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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Green thumb?

Hoo boy. The green thumb is waking up.

Got dragged out into the garden the other day to "supervise." Yeah, THAT didn't last long.

Already got gardening hands -- dirt under the nails, a few cuts and thorns. Yes, I know, Cairyn, I forgot to put my damn gloves on first, I know, I know.

My cannas all survived, even the one in the monster pot. I was thrilled to see all the new sprouts. Got rid of most of the dead canna growth from last year and cleaned those out. The chocolate mint in the canna pot survived. Maybe those cannas will bloom this year and I can figure out what they are. The growth is the deep burgandy leaves, striped with green and bronze, and with the bright bright green mint, it's just a lovely combination.

Spearmint was wilting off badly, got watered.

HOLY CRAP, I have strawberries! Fresh strawberries! Yum. I desperately need to weed the strawberry bed. Have strawberry babies growing in my canna bed, ack! Yes, the unknown cannas that were supposed to be Mme Butterfly survived, as well as all the cannas along the lower fence. Joy!

My blackberry plant, my single blackberry from last year is now, um, well, two or three plants. And COVERED WITH BLACKBERRIES! Time to get the mesh, I am NOT losing all these to the birds. I mean berries EVERYWHERE!

Blueberry survived and is blooming.

My butterfly bush has already tripled in size, and though there are no blooms yet, it's doing a lovely job covering that end of the flowerbed.

The star jasmine that I thought I lost has new leaves and is happily growing. Yay!

Lots of rosebuds already on the two bushes. Mmm. Lots of rosebuds starting to form in the front yard. The wisteria I planted has finally gotten some real size and has grown up the arbor like it was intended. I SO hope it blooms this year, that will be absolutely lovely.

Now I just need to get my butt in gear, get outside, get all the old dead stuff out of the pots and start seedlings. Managed to save enough of my chiles for seeds, so I should have more pepper plants -- yay!



Yes, it has begun.

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