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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Good, The Bad, The Weird

Okay, mostly just the Weird.

  • Having your own child look at you and shriek: "Mama, where did you GO?" or even more Weird, "Mama, um, you're HOT!"

  • Your husband reaches out for your leg, and in your new skinny jeans, has to pat a bit before finding you inside them, inspiring another "Where did you go?"

  • Putting on a ring that has been too small for years, only to have it fall off your finger. And then the next finger. And then the next.

  • Ditto for shoes that were too snug that will now no longer remain on your feet.

  • Trying on clothes that turn out to be comfortable, and not having a repeat of XXXs across the size tag.

  • Realizing that not only are the XXXs all missing, but there's an M there instead.

  • Your own doctor double-takes -- repeatedly -- before even coming close to recognize you.

  • Same for friends. And family.

  • .... yet you are recognized immediately by a Switch you haven't seen in months, who squeals like a schoolgirl that you've melted away. And then calls you a skinny bitch.

  • ... being called a skinny bitch. O.o (Score!)

  • Bending over to do gardening, having trouble standing up, and realizing you no longer have an ass for ballast against your chest. Gravity works.

  • Having to learn how to sit down all over again. Pooka has a bony ass. Sitting down incorrectly -hurts-. (stop laughing, damn you, or I'll flop down in your lap and impale your thighs with my bony ass)

  • Walking into an auditorium and realizing that except for the soccer moms that look like Kitiara and Evelynne, you're not only normal, but on the thin side of normal.

  • Picking up a pair of jeans, and gaping in wonder that you can fit into something that looks that small, instead of gaping that "Oh my God, is my ass REALLY that big?"

  • Looking at your reflection and realizing there's no longer any disgust at it. Then being able to grin. A lot.

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