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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Addition

Gratuitous Pet Pic --
Our latest addition to the [s]zoo[/s] family:

This is Zoe, the newest member of our household. They THINK she's about two years old or so, but they're not sure. She was a rescue dog, and was really scrawny when they got her. She had some weight back when the husband found her through the rescue group. Of course, we immediately had to toss her into a tub to deal with the fleas and ticks that were making the poor baby suffer.

Zoe is a Corgi/Blue Heeler mix. You can't tell in this shot, but she's got a lovely pure black saddle over her back, and she's got quite a curled fluffy fail.

She's an angel. A loving sweetheart. A few loyal and loving and DETERMINED sweetheart. The cats aren't so sure about all this. Now, they're reacting better to her than they did to us bringing our last cat into the house for the first time. They all went hostile on Largo, and stayed that way for some time. With Zoe, they only seem to hiss and get defensive and make warning noises if she gets into their faces. Doesn't stop Zoe from trying to give the kitties baths anyway. She really seems to love the kitties, hell, she loves anyone that will pay attention to her, and when the cats give her the "hiss off" routine, her ears droop and she gets puppy eyes and WHINES, looking to me like I can explain to her why kitty doesn't want to snuggle.

She's always following one of us. Usually, it's Thing 2, who has decided Zoe is HER dog. But really, anyone wanders off, and Zoe goes to find them. Anyone on the constant move, Zoe is right there at their side.

Once the cats adjust, I'm going to have to sleep in my chair -- there won't be enough room for me on the bed with everyone snuggled around the dog playing protector. Sigh. At least my chair is comfortable.

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