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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dog:1 Humans: 0

Had to go to the store to get more stuff for the party this afternoon (teenagers, eeesh, bottomless pits). As I start getting out of the car, my cellphone rings from home.

"Mom, can I give the dog a bath? She's GROUNDED!"

Oh lord. "What did she do this time?"

"Well, there's this hole that she and Nugget (the dog next door) have been digging in, and now she's all muddy after going through the hole into their yard and JUMPING INTO THEIR SWIMMING POOL!"

Yes, my Houdini Corgi got into the yard next door to go swimming.

It took both kids to give her a bath, and EVERYTHING in the house is currently damp and smelling of wet dog.

She's exceptionally proud of herself.


I HAD to call the DH after I got off the phone with the kids to giggle the story to him.

Went to the neighbors once they got home to let them know about the swimming, and the hole in the fence. THEY thought it was funny, and couldn't believe Zoe managed to get through that hole. Stubborn little Houdini girl.

She was less thrilled with me putting her in the car afterward and taking her to the Mobile Vet at the feed store for shots and tags. -I- was thrilled that everything they did only cost me 70 bucks, where it's 100 just to walk in the door of my regular vet, without shots, tests, and meds.

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