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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Movie Review: 300

I didn't see this in the theaters, and now I'm really regretting it.

'300' is based on a Frank Miller graphic novel -- that right there should put everyone that wants to see a 'historical' perspective on notice. You aren't watching a documentary, you're watching a live-action comic book.

And they pull it off beautifully. Literally. The cinematics are absolutely gorgeous, the visuals rich and disturbing. It's absolutely beautiful. Look for the dance of the Oracle near the beginning, and ... just wow. Almost hypnotic. Gorgeous.

I can't say much for the story, because I sort of zoned a bit on paying attention there -- I was that caught up in WATCHING all the pretty. Sometimes being a CGI nerd works against me, but I think drowning in all the pretty was a decent trade-out in losing some of the other things. I could have watched it with the sound off and still enjoyed seeing it, that's how pretty this movie is.

With that said ... I'm not going to call this a spectacular movie. It's a beautiful FILM, but as a movie, not quite as compelling. There's cheese-factor in the script (but again, graphic novel, hello), and Gerard Butler's lovely Scottish accent, while mostly controlled for this, still gives you a few twinge moments because it just doesn't fit. The eye-candy is amazing, both in cinematics, and the cast -- I swear there wasn't a single homely soldier among the 300 (a walking ad for Body Sculpting), which contrasted sharply with the freak-show horrors of Xerxes' army. The plot? Well, it's not like they really had to reach for depth there. 300 men face an endless legion of the enemy for the sake of freedom. End plot.

It's worth watching at least once.

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