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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Snarky Ink

/begin snark

Miami Ink is missing from the air ....
.... so that we can watch a show where 50% of the episode is dedicated to Kat talking about her BOOBS?

Where's the great stories about the tattoos, and what is behind them, and seeing the artistry?

"Dancing With Myself". I wonder if Kat even realizes that the song is way too appropriate for a self-centered twit like her? She comes off as so bloody shallow, despite her fluffy "Oh, I love the world!" persona that seriously seems forced. Or how potentially insulting that song can be for her "partners" and employees, all the artists that are REQUIRED to make a tattoo studio work ... to have the owner going on and on about ... herself?

Don't get me wrong -- the artists she has brought into the shop are AMAZING. I'd love to have work done by all of them -- even Kat, if her ego could stay out of the way -- and if I had the money, my butt would be in LA getting Hannah to do the mermaid that I want. A
fter seeing the work from the other three artists they show, I even know the specific pieces I want from each of them -- although Corey would be handed a marker and told to have fun finishing my back. Yep yep yep

... but watching Kat is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me.

/end snark

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