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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Memory Wire in Crafting

It's not just for jewelry!

Several different companies make memory wire, in varying levels of cost and components. There's even some that's silver-plated, and you can find it in gold and silver tones.

Three different sizes are available: necklace, bracelet, and ring. Unless you have really big fingers, I can't see the ring wire fitting. HOWEVER, it has so many other uses, it's worth picking up a pack.

IMPORTANT: Never cut memory wire with your regular wire cutters for jewelry. Memory wire is tough stuff, and will notch and destroy your wire cutters. Purchase either cutters specific to memory wire, or pick up a heavy duty set at a home improvement center. You can also bend it back and forth to break it, but that can take a while and is a little tough on the hands.

-- Snip ring-sized memory wire about half an inch past a full loop. Bend one end into a tiny loop with round-nosed pliers. Now you can add on beads and charms for scrapbook or card embellishments, even use alphabet beads for mini-journaling.

-- They also make great wine-glass charms, so everyone at a party knows which glass is theirs.

-- You can cut multiple loops, and link them together into a chain to add dimension to scrapbook pages, with each loop capable of holding other embellishments.

-- For pet pages, choose beads and a 'dog tag' charm to mimic your pet's collar. You can even fold a matching ribbon in half, glue it shut, and thread it onto the wire.

-- Using the bracelet or necklace wire, do the ribbon fold and seal, and you have an instant dimensional circular frame for a photo or journaling section.

-- Engagement, wedding, or graduation? Sparkly sparkly beads, and a Swarovski crystal, and you can re-create school and engagement rings to put into your scrapbook.

Be creative!

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