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Saturday, January 05, 2002

This is why parents go grey early

"Do NOT hit your sister! No, I do NOT care if she hit you first."

"Stop running in the living room!"

"Put the cat down before she bites you."

"Your father is TRYING to sleep in there. Be quiet!"

"Haven't I told you before that we do not throw fireballs at the dinner table?"

"Omnivore does NOT mean that you can take a bite out of your sister!"

"That's it, 2 minutes for high sticking. Put the hockey stick down and get in the corner and you, go get a bandaid and stop blubbering."

"Sorry, Mommy can't hear whining."

"You are going to fall and get hurt if you don't get down from there."

"See, I told you. Now don't climb it again."

"No, you can't levitate your sister and make her go away."

"Put the spellbook down and stop trying to turn your sister into a frog."

"I don't care what spell you're trying to cast, for the last time, I am NOT getting you chicken blood!"

"If you can't play nice, I'm turning the computer off."

"I don't care who had it first, it's mine now."

"How many times do I have to tell you to pick that up?"

"If I have to tell you to stop fighting one more time, both of you go to your room."

"For the last time, cover your mouth when you cough!"

"Do you WANT to be grounded?"

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