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Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Cabin Fever

Thing 2 has been repeating "Hokey Pokey" over and over and over and over with no other words for the last half hour solid. Try to imagine this in your head, in total monotone, with no pause for breathing.

Thing 1 is screaming like someone stabbed her in the foot and pulling her hair and throwing paper because her sister won't shut up to let her do homework. Had Thing 1 come home and done her homework instead of running off for "rehearsal" for the talent show that I was basically told I couldn't attend (ahem), this wouldn't be a problem. Now it's after her bedtime, and she's still screwing around AND fighting with her sister.

DG won't stop screaming at the kids for not shutting up, but otherwise goes right back to his game without actually doing anything other than screaming.

Me, I'm looking up plane flights outta here.

Is this what you call Cabin Fever?

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