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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Wonder Fiend Powers, Activate!

Thing 1: "Mom, when she goes to school next year, will I have to walk her across the street to kindergarten?"

Me: (brushing Thing 2's hair) "Well, Daddy will probably help walk her over at first, but yes, you'll be walking together."

Thing 2: (turning in mid-brush) "I don't HAVE to go to school. Not with HER."

Me: (sigh, here we go again) "But honey, you need to go to school to learn so you *can* take over the world."

Thing 2: (sighs, rolls eyes at me) "Duh, MOM, I have SPELLS that will do that for me!"


Thing 2: "Aha, I was co-rrect!"

Me: "You're a fiend."

Thing 2: "I am a co-rrect fiend!" (squinty evil eyes) "Cuz I am SMART!"

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