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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Half a Brain Sandwich

Apathy. Ya know I couldn't care less.

I think that's a nice working title.

Feh. All right, I'm really only posting to give Sammi something new to read. Not that this will break any literary records or set some sort of fecking standard for intelligent posting.

That's Witchy's fault. Now I'm doing the whole fecking fecking thing.

I need another quirk like I need another hole in my head.

Shit. I'm starting to put the feckin . between lines like I do in Android. Too much feckin time spent in there. Had to remove 3 . so far from here.

Cuz ya know I need another period like ...

Prolly should look up the early symptoms of menopause. This is weird.

Had to delete another fecking . there.

A Luna Bar, 2 liters of Mr Pibb and a pack of clove cigarettes has yet to be proven effective for anyone's RDA. I don't recommend it to anyone, either.
Double fecking dammit.
Okay, just shoot me. I don't care, fine, if they wanna be there I'll just bloody well let them stay so there how the hell do ya like them apples, huh?
What happened to the thousands of overrun Turbie Twist commercials? Not that I mind the absence, it's just weird to mark the fads and fluctuations of consumerism on television. Maybe it's just my not watching much TV that's to blame.
Mmmm, stomach cramp. Fibromyalgia taps me on the belly, just to make sure that I know it's still here.
Not gone yet.
Nope, I'm still here.
Okay, I'm leaving now.

I feel like half of a brain sandwich.

Starting to think Sybil's monitor problem deals more with a weird memory leak/strain. The green dancing ants don't show up during boot, or on any of the logo screens. They were here before my reboot, and are gone after it. Kinda weird.

I know its not the card, the other monitor was fine until it would no longer remain connected right.

"Ginger Spice closed mouthed on eating disorder" Do you suppose the irony in this headline was intentional? Seems a bit too clever for modern journalism.

Microsoft is being sued again. Anyone surprised? Dint think so.

Women's Team USA is kicking hockey butt. Yay.

Now where the hell are all the applications for a new lackey? Do you people have any idea how hard it is to be an efficient Evil Overlord without any fecking lackeys? What the hell is up with that?

I want my fucking minions, dammit.

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