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Friday, February 22, 2002

Take 200 of these, and don't call me

I've seen gourmet recipes shorter than the instructions on my new meds.

Prednisone to start to control the RSD. Yum. Nasty foul stuff. 60 tabs, well, at least I'll be breathing well. Label print was switch to a font smaller than the "X refills remaining" text to fit it all on.

Excuse me, but I'd like to make claim that I deserve to use the F word here, thank you.

FUCK! The damn bottle Prednisone has a worse coating than the dose-pak ... ie, it powders slightly in mere movement, so when you take one ... WHAM, you gotta shave your tongue and it feels like the floor of a NY movie theater. This is gonna be a LONG three weeks.

I'm currently considering Death as an option.

Itty Bitty Elavils to up me from 75 to 100. She was Not Happy with the wussy Elavil dosage at all, especially after finding out how long I'd been stuck there with it not helping. She gave me enough Elavil at 25 mg that I can take 125 if the 100 doesn't work after a few days.

I also got ... more Zanaflex (YAY, SAMPLES!) -- which Cigna should cover automatically because RSD is a seizure-class disorder.

And the crowning touch for my nighttime digestion ... Neurontin. Starting at 100, and working up to 200, then 300, all in itty bitty precise directions on the itty bitty label.

Dude, I CAN'T fog and forget this. She is SO cool to cover my ass like that.

Course, it doesn't change the fact that YES, I AM still awake!

Or that it still hurts to move. Or that it still hurts to NOT move.

But ... having the spasm/seizure swelling splotchy scarlet and purple Pooka furnace kick in RIGHT THERE at the office ... is Priceless.

For everything else, there's a really big hammer.

Take one as needed.

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