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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Critter Patrol

"Mama, Mama, you gotta come look, we've got an armadillo in the yard!"

Thing 1 and I look at each other in disbelief. Yeah, right.

"No, really, Mama, you gotta come see it!"

Sure enough, not only has Thing 2 spotted, but correctly identified an armadillo, having never seen a real one. A big one. A HUGE armadillo, and one that has in the space of about 24 hours, torn up a large portion of our backyard.

Awfully cute, really, for an armadillo, but that destructive little critter has got to go!

Our neighbor said she saw one about 6 months ago, but hasn't had a problem. Her yard looks perfect. Ours looks like a mortar range now. She suggested calling Animal Control to get a trap to remove him to somewhere a little more appropriate. I think we're going to do this. We've got enough erosion problems as it is without this little guy helping the damage along.

Probably could have just picked him up and moved him ourselves if we'd had gloves. He wasn't the slightest bit afraid of us, and I swear to God he SHRUGGED at me. The critter looked up from his hole at us, wrinkled his little face, twitched his ears, SHRUGGED, and went right back to digging.

A day in the life, man.


Nick said...

Careful about the critter, though. They harbour the bugs that cause leprosy, occasionally. Could be worse... could be a prarie dog... they harbour the Plague. (Yes, I do mean Plague with a capital "P," s in the Black Death.)

Pooka said...

Oh yes, we were -very- careful with it. I didn't let the kids touch it, I didn't touch it. The plan is contact Animal Control and get ahold of a safe capture cage and release him out closer to the lake and OUT OF MY YARD!