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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

SNAFU Central

So ... nerve induction was today.

My wonderful PCP set me up with meds so I could handle it, both before and after, so I'm not suffering nearly as much as I should be.

The good news: My left arm, the one that was totally rebuilt a few years ago, was textbook perfect for nerve response. YAY. My right arm, while not perfect, was still within normal limits. This surprised me.

The bad news: My right leg, which we have known was screwed up for some time (I walk with a cane, after all), showed marked neuropathy.

Guess who already has an MRI scheduled to take a look at my knee and ankle? Whee.

It's not like it isn't anything I didn't expect. I mean, I'm already 'permanently handicapped' as it is. However, since that right knee has been dislocated several times, it's entirely possible that the MRI will find something that's FIXABLE. Not that we'll be able to afford fixing it, what with insurance being a collective group of flatulating asshats.

AETNA did finally come through on accepting that I am Fucked Up, and approved my Neurontin dosage. But only for a single year, whereupon we will have to go through this shit all over again. Of course, by then, we'll probably have ended up with yet another insurance company, considering how amazingly organized and consistent the city is (Ha. Ha. Ha.).

I shall now go drug myself into a wonderfully insensible coma and try to forget that my ankle is in full protest over the treatment today and is trying to take itself off on a vacation elsewhere -- without me.

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