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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Challenge One: Update the Valentine

Remember back in grade school, when everyone passed out those awful generic cards with the trendy characters of the day on them? Sure, Mom bought them for us to use because they were plentiful, and cheap, and most of all, no effort was required to take care of an entire classroom of kids.

But darn, they were boring!

So here's your Challenge of the Day.

1. Using the same single page format (card can be no larger than a standard 3x5 index card), create up to three New And Improved Valentine Cards.

2. You must use at least one stamp on the front (extra points for QKD stamps), and at least two embellishments (ribbon, stickers, buttons, brads, etc).

3. The back is included in designing these cards, and must have the traditional "To" and "From" spaces.

4. Upload the images, and post the link to them in this thread.

If anyone has made it here, I can't wait to see what you come up with.


Sierra Grannie said...

Hey there, I made it! When you say single, I'm taking it means no fold, just front and back right?? Multi layers ok?

Pooka said...

Yep, no fold, just front and back -- simple basic Valentine.

Layers are just fine. The only constraints are already in the rules. :D

ScrapAloha said...

What a great challenge. I remember those cards fondly LOL. DS hasn't had that experience, they always make their valentines for the class. They come up with amazing creations, felt, paper, even edible cards (cookies) LOL.

I'm looking forward to this challenge! Thanks!

Stephanie Earls said...

Here is my entry. What fun it was to create this and it brought back such fun memories. Thanks a bunch.

Pooka said...

I peeked at all of them, Stephanie -- they're adorable!

laury55 said...

herĂª is mine

ScrapAloha said...

Aloha Pooka,
Here is my first day challenge. This was totally fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Well, better late than never, eh? I made these on Feb 2 while my son was snowboarding. But on the way back, we got caught in traffic and since I had to work that night, I couldn't upload them in time, so I procrastinated. But I really wanted you to see them anyway because I had so much fun!! So here they are:


ps - thanks for a GREAT challenge!!