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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Image Fest! "Art" jewelry and ATCs

Been insanely busy lately. Got work to do for Queen Kat, got a stamp show coming up this weekend, I've been miserably sick, and of course the husband is out in the field -- AFTER bringing home the virus that made me sick in the first place. Men: can't live with them, and shooting them makes too much of a mess that I would have to clean up.

"What Music Inspires an Artist?" I should probably go back and use a metallic rub or alcohol ink on the word "music" so it shows up better. This is a pin, die-cut from chipboard with my Sizzix, then layers of ink and embossing powder. The final layer of embossing powder holds all the goodies.

"Kitty!" This pin belongs to Thing 1 -- you know, the weird kid that wears cat ears to school. Kids that don't know her name call her Kitty. Go figure. So I made an appropriate pin.

"Fortune" I lost track of how many collage layers were in this ATC. There's stamps, tissue paper, the background paper is from a Japanese book, there's all sorts of mulberry ... Yeah. Maybe I got carried away, but I like it. The stamp barely visible on the sides of the center coin means 'dragonfly.'

"Kyoshi Temple" and "Obon." Two more Japan-inspired cards. Maybe I've been watching a little too much Anthony Bourdain lately -- but he's made of awesome, so I can be excused. Obon is a Japanese festival where the ancestors are guided back to spend the day with the family.

This ATC was fun. Two "bad" pictures of Thing 1, that I went crazy on with rubber stamps (and StazOn for the ink), then sliced and diced into varied sizes and shapes to build a mosaic. The "grout" on this is Stickles.

Card done with the stamps from QKD's January Get Inked! kit, with several of the techniques I wrote for that one.


the dreamer said...

Pooka!! These are just GORGEOUS.

I spent the entire afternoon today cleaning up just some of my rapidly accumulating art projects and I miss making them so much.

But QK work comes first for now. ;)

I love the QKD text it stamp on the clear background. Is that a transparency? =)


Queen Kat said...

I must have that collage card!!! MUST!!!