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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Challenge Three: Shrink it!

Since I am a little late getting this last challenge posted, I'm giving you till Midnight on February 3rd for entries for this one.

I love shrink plastic. Adore it. Have probably more of it than any one person should. But that's not the point.

Your challenge here is simple:

1. Use shrink plastic in a project. At least one piece of shrink plastic must be stamped before shrinking and attaching it to your piece. (extra point for QKD stamps).

2. Finished entries must be linked here by midnight, February 3rd.

Simple, huh?

It could be a mini-diorama, a card, an ATC, a scrapbook page, even jewelry! The point is to play and have fun with this.


laury55 said...

won't be able to make today's challenge...I don't have any shrink plastic, it's quite hard to find this stuff here and it is on my "must-have" list for some time now.
thanks for the challenge

Stephanie Earls said...

I am out of this one too Laury. I am 6 1/2 hours from home with a few supplies that I secretly packed. I was able to get in a Michael's an hour from here earlier today and pick up some shrink plastic. I stamped my large heart with a key hole in it and the QKD key and cut them out. I have tried the microwave, the hair dryer and heated prayer. None of those are shrinking the shrink plastic! Do you think the waffle maker in the continental breakfast area would work? hee hee hee I better not! So, my KEY TO MY HEART card will just have to wait til I get home to my heat tool and my toaster oven. This was a GREAT challenge! All of your challenges for this leg have really worked us crafters out. I do hope that QKD will do this again someday.

ScrapAloha said...

Here's the last day challenge. Thanks for the fun round! I really had to stretch myself! Thanks for providing the great inspiration!

LOL Stephanie, that's so funny, using the hotel facilities....