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Monday, February 04, 2008

QKD Round Robin Blog Party .... Prize!

We have a winner for my stop on the QKD Blog Party Tour!

ScrapAloha is the overall winner for my three days of the party. I will need to get all your contact information so that we can get your prize to you, and nice job, lady!

I have a condolence prize as well, for Effort Above And Beyond ...

Stephanie Earls, who, despite being on a trip, went out and bought shrink plastic for the last challenge, and tried everything short of the waffle iron at her hotel to try to make the stuff work. That's some crazy crafting there, that's for sure! I'll be sending you a little something special, since anyone who goes through that much effort deserves a warm fuzzy!

Congratulations to our winner, and thank you for playing along. I really enjoyed seeing what everyone came up with.


ScrapAloha said...

Whoo hoo! Thanks Pooka, I really enjoyed all your challenges. Thanks for the kind words.

ScrapAloha said...

Umm...How can I contact you with my addy. I don't see an email at your site. LOL. my email is ;) Thanks!!