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Friday, February 29, 2008

For Sammi

Had a wonderful visit with Moonrose this week. I always miss her, darn that family and distance thing that keeps us apart for too long.

Well, she inspired me, she suggested I attempt something, since after all, ATCs didn't really have any rules other than size. Needle felt an ATC!

Well. Why not! All I can do is fail, bleeding miserably over shreds of my dignity and all over the felt ... but other than that, why not?

It isn't completely finished yet -- I've got to put the eyes on, figure out how to sign it, and maybe do a little more detailing, but I'm happy.

So Sammi ... thank you.


Tanis said...

That's very cool...
I've seen instructions n stuff for needle felting before, but have never tried it...
I really like how it looks.
Awesome dragonfly!

Sammi said...

WOO! I love it! I have more ideas in my head - stained glass style using clear plastic and stuff, some other things - but the How hasn't made it down to my hands yet, it's all cooking in my brain.

the dreamer said...

Hey, Pooka, I'm blog-hopping instead of sleeping. Haha.

Oh my gosh, how lovely is that! That is probably the most unique ATC I've ever seen and I've seen a few since I used to participate in a weekly challenge blog.

Awesome, girlie! You are just so darn creative, it makes me green with envy.

How cool is that button box and the ATC! Will definitely look forward to the pattern. Hmm, now just have to figure out how to translate it from the screen to a piece of paper. Maybe I can trace it from the laptop's monitor? Haha.

Miss you, girlie!


tonya said...

never would have thought of this. Looks cool.

Sammi said...

WTB new Pooka blog post!

duckrazzle said...

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Queen Kat said...

pookie... WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!

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