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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Random Babble-0-tron

So, for those of you that have spouses on the road, be warned. My husband works out on oil rigs, and apparently he's exposed to influenza strains that are not Strain of the Year in the flu shots. Cough. Hack. Wheeze. Whimper.

Despite the cold, my dog is out in the backyard trying to herd squirrels. You can't tell a Corgi that squirrels aren't herdable. She just won't listen.

First thunderstorm of the year last night, so spring in Tornado Alley looks to be a real doozy. Felimid is usually oblivious to thunder, but last night, he crawled up into my arms and whimpered. It was LOUD.

The new kitten is fitting in well -- perhaps too well. Last night, he even had my anti-social Siamese playing tag with him around the house. When all four of the boys got going, I considered locking myself in the bathroom. That's a LOT of feline weight for them to throw around, since Oz is a huge huge cat, and Felimid is Jabba the Butt. Everyone but the crotchety "Scrappy Squirrel" Manx plays with him -- and she hates everybody. Cranky old girl.

I know, I know, another post from me without pictures? I'll fix that.

Tag swap at The collar tags on the central cats are done in shrink plastic (and have a cat face on them, natch). The additional faces added are cut from a large cat collage stamp, and attached with foam strips.

More tag swap stuff. I need to get pictures of the last two sets.

Any "No Reservations" fans out there? I adore Anthony Bourdain (perhaps it could be called an obsession, after all, I own all his books, including the Mafia fiction), and he's way too entertaining on TV.

Last night, however, the show was rather emotional. Tony visited New Orleans, discussing the aftermath of Katrina. The only other show that had been this tense before was the Beirut episode. Even seeing Tony finally sit down to talk to Emeril, who has been the butt of SO many of Tony's jokes, wasn't as entertainingly fun as expected. Very serious show, but worth a watch.


Tanis said...

What an entertaining household you have!
Love the tags :)

the dreamer said...

Pooka, you should be writing books! You are hilarious. =)

Love those tags dear!

Hoping you get that awful bug out of your system soon! =(

Oooh and I LOVE Anthony Bourdain! Was kinda freaked with that Beirut episode and can't believe he made another serious one? Hehe. He's snide and adorable and you just gotta love him. I loved the episode where he goes to the waterfalls? Can't remember where it was. And he had a laugh 'coz he saw his producer in "grown-up diapers". Heehee.

But I always love his parting shot, like a guru on TV. =) Is his book just as amazing? =)


Juliet Diley said...

Hey Friend! I hope you are feeling better! and you're gonna LOVE me for this one....but you've been TAGGED! Check out my blog for the instructions! Love ya!